Foreign investing as factor of forming of the economic system of innovative type




investments, foreign capital, potential, development, investment attractiveness, financial instruments, mechanism of bringing in of foreign investments


In the article the pressing theoretical and practical questions of bringing in of investments are investigational in a home economy. The aim of the article are development and ground of research and practice recommendations that provide development of the home economic system on the basis of perfection of mechanism of bringing in and effective use of foreign investments.

Ukraine has high potential of development that opens to her the considerable prospects of participating in the world market of direct foreign investments. The considerable bringing in of investment resources, scientific and technical knowledge, organizational experience will allow quicker to compensate the lack of internal sources of investment capital, overcome lag of country in the row of key sectors of economy and cardinally to transform them, and also create new industries and productions that are base on high-tech qualitatively. Essence and features of forming of mechanism of bringing in of foreign investments are exposed at national and regional level under act of economic and institutional transformations. In2012 inthe economy of Ukraine foreign investors are inlay $6013,1 million direct. The volume of brought in from the beginning of investing in the economy of Ukraine of direct foreign investments on December,31 in2012 presented $54462,4 million, that on 8,2% anymore volumes of investments on beginning in 2012, and in a calculation on one person makes $1199,3. From the countries of EU $42979,3 million of investments (to the 78,9% general volume of equity) is brought in, from the countries of the UIS is $4269,0 million (7,8%), from other countries of the world - $7214,1 million (13,3%). Investment came from 130 countries of the world.

Suggestions are reasonable on the improvement of participation of public authorities in providing of investment attractiveness of country on soil of the use of programmatic-having a special purpose approach and mechanisms and financial instruments of stimulation of bringing in of foreign investments. Monitoring of home investment process gives an opportunity to draw conclusion, that now there was a far of problems that need immediate permission. In particular, for activation of foreign investment investments in a home economy at state level it is needed to carry out next steps: to bring to economic and legal conformity all legislative acts that regulate an investment environment; to enter in an action only legislative base that does not conflict with investment strategy of Ukraine and stimulates economic activity; to create the system of state support at an input and functioning of investment projects that have national value.

Author Biographies

Vasyl Papp, Uzhgorod National University

Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor, Professor of the Finance and Banking Department

Nelia Boshota, Uzhgorod National University

Degree-seeking student of the Economics, Management and Marketing Department



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