Goal-oriented optimization of the risks of an industrial enterprise





management, goal-oriented optimization, risks, industrial enterprise, model, dependence


It has been established that the opportunities for managing the risks of an industrial enterprise differ depending on the conditions of its operation and the goals set for this purpose. Depending on the objectives set, the targets differ, respectively, the risk management system should take into account deviations of the target indicators are permissible. An analysis of the approaches to risk management of the industrial enterprise made it possible to establish that most researchers did not consider the current conditions of the functioning of the industrial enterprise and its purpose influencing the risk management methods that are possible for use in the development of methods for optimizing risks. It is proposed to optimize the risks of an industrial enterprise using a model of processing of initial data, which provides formalized processing and substantiation of conclusions on risk optimization measures, namely, a model for comparing the objectives of the enterprise with the operating conditions and typical risks for these conditions.

Author Biography

Mykhailo Tymoshyk, Ternopil Ivan Pului National Technical University

lecturer of the department of industrial marketing



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