National security issues in software documents of political parties on elections to supreme council of Ukraine in 2014-th in the conditions of Russian agriculture

Andriy Tkachuk


The article deals with the election programs of political parties that participated in the elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in 2014. The place of the problem of national security of Ukraine in the program documents of party-parties in the conditions of Russian military aggression was investigated. It was found that the Ukrainian politician reacted differently to the presence of the Russian threat, which was expressed in the election programs of political forces. Political forces, which were considered «pro-Russian» in their programs, actually avoided references to the problems of national security and the need to repel the aggressor. The parties and political blocs that, as a result of historical circumstances, were perceived as «parties of power», pointed to the need for the formation of a combat-capable military force, the development of the military-industrial complex and the establishment of close cooperation with the NATO and EU states. A number of political forces demanded a decisive rebuff of the RF and the dissolution of any relations with it. A number of parties raised the problem of corruption in the army and, in the context of strengthening the defense capabilities of the state, demanded lustration among law enforcers. It was clarified that the «parties of power» and political forces whose participants were in the zone of combat operations in the Donbas not only clearly defined the Russian Federation as an aggressor state, but also offered detailed steps, the application of which, in their opinion, had little to contribute to the provision of repulsion of the aggressor. The analysis of the election programs of the parties of the 2014 elections allowed us to conclude that the factor of Russian aggression forced the Ukrainian politician to reconsider its attitude to the problem of national security in the direction of the need to strengthen the Armed Forces of Ukraine to counter military incursions by the Russian Federation.


political parties; elections; Ukrainian Armed Forces; aggression against Ukraine


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