The first student building units in the everyday life of Ukrainian students

Milenа Veremeieva


The history of everyday life is becoming increasingly relevant in our time. Studies of the life of an ordinary person, a social group, their way of life, and life stances allows to understand better the peculiarities of one or another historical epoch. The history of the students, their role in the socio-political and economic development of the state has always been relevant in historical science. Scientific interest in this problem is due to the fact that the younger generation has always been hoping for humanity. The quality of life of students, their professional and moral preparation as litmus paper shows the level of development of the state.
The purpose of the research is to find out the processes of formation of building units, motivation of youth; to identify the peculiarities of the students' work, the difficulties they encountered and the peculiarities of the process of socialization in the middle of the students collective. The author involves archival sources, namely protocols of meetings of student units, reports on the work of virgin units, certificates, etc.
The history of student construction units is a tradition, experience and reservations. Of particular interest to historical science is the everyday life of the Buddhists, because it has become part of the spiritual culture of many generations of students, in some sense determined their future. Together with the students' building detachments the whole epoch has definitely gone.
Student building units - labor collectives of students who voluntarily unite during the summer holidays for participation in the construction of national economic objects and propaganda, cultural-mass and other chess work among the population.
The tasks of communist socialization demanded that students during their studies in higher educational institutions acquire not only deep knowledge of the chosen specialty, but also prepare themselves for active participation in the social and political life of Soviet society.
The analysis of sources and literature suggests that during the early 1960s the birth and formalization of student construction units took place. The initiative of young people to help build their country was well used and bureaucratized by the Soviet-party bodies. But despite this, the movement of young people has become more widespread and enthusiastic, as evidenced by the memories of the participants in the third semester.


students; everyday life; student construction brigades; USSR; virgin land


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