The image of the city embodied in architecture rationalistic modern style of Alexander Verbitsky




city, architecture, rationalist modernist, Alexander Verbitsky


An image of architectural forms created in the urban environment always attracted interest. Researching of city space, in particular an architectural image of the city and its influence on consciousness of inhabitants, is considered to be important in this context. In formation of new images of city space modern architects conduct search of forms which would be connected with national tradition and, at the same time, met production requirements of modern town planning. Research objective - to reveal features of a rationalistic modernist style in Ukraine on the example of works of the famous Ukrainian architect Alexander Matveevich Verbitsky. Research problems: 1) to track features of the Ukrainian rationalistic modernist style in the architectural forms created by A. M. Verbitsky; 2) to render the general signs of style of national architecture on examples of the buildings built in Kyiv; 3) to determine the value of inheritance of a rationalistic modernist style in Kyiv, ways of its preservation as component of the all-European inheritance.

Author Biography

Oksana Salata, Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University

Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor

Head of the Department of Ukraine History of the Historical and Philosophical Faculty


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