A complex of measures is for development of light industry of Ukraine

Julia Nefiodova, Julia Olifirova


Advantages and lacks of development of light industry are considered in the article. It is the meaningful source of the tax entering budget, most enterprises of industry are determining in the structure of cities. It is exposed, that industry is provided  by possibility of creation of far of cheap workplaces. Growth of production in light industry can have a multiplicative effect on investment demand in the state. Homogeneity of raw material and materials, unity of the economic setting of products, community of material and technical base, special professional composition of shots are  the features of difficult particular branch complex of enterprises. To positive descriptions of investment environment behave: presence of organizational associations of enterprises, consultative deliberative bodies, powerful scientifically research and educational bases. It is investigational, that the modern state of industry: reduction of level of production volumes, amounts of enterprises, quantity of workings, level of investing, in modernization et cetera Industry demonstrates the low indexes of dynamics of rates of development, level of profitability, middle ettlings. The basic problem of light industry is: material unwell-being of minimum consumer basket from a set of unfood commodities; incompleteness of statistical calculation of consumption of products; advantage of commodities of shadow industry, "grey" import (contraband goods) and commodities "sekond-khend". The main possibilities of effective influence of subjects of investment environment are analysed on consumer demand. Main support of industry in the world is a state financial help as favourable credits. On the whole all complex of measures, which can be applied to the Ukrainian enterprises within the limits of world  practice after a crisis it is possible to erect to: to stimulation of demand of users; to sponsorship of producers and producers-exporters; increase of efficiency of production; development of point-of-sale relations. A chain mechanism must expressly work  for successful work of industry: raw material is a production - sale. A practical analysis witnessed low efficiency of marketing policy of enterprises of industry. Not enough network structures are used for sales, absent centers of herd trade with a complete assortment from fabrics and furnitury to the finished products, not enough practical experience for creation and "promotion" of own brand of clothes, the special areas and industrial blocks of light industry do not develop.


investments; investment environment; light industry; consumer demand


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