Value orientations of information culture as a key factor of society information security




information society, society of knowledge, information culture, information system, information, information war, psychological war, information worldview


The article is devoted to an analysis of the essence of information culture as the main factor of security of a social information system in the context of globalization challenges of today’s information threats.

The essence of information culture is defined as the main means of the formation of an information worldview of society at all stages of information and communication revolutions. Value orientations of information culture are analyzed in the context of the formation of ideology of knowledge society, namely: free access to knowledge as a prerequisite for human dignity and freedom, opposition to the transformation of knowledge into a commodity, which generates a desire for a monopoly on information resources as a statement of power at all levels - personal, corporate, nationwide and international.

Author Biography

Irina Lomachinska, Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University

Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor


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