Modern researches of apocalyptic thematics in the work of domestic and foreign bibles




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Apocalyptic problems were relevant throughout the development of Christian culture. The content of apocalyptic works consisted mainly of eschatological revelations, that is, prophecies concerning the future of the end of the world.

The book "Revelation of John" (Apocalypse) is an integral part of the New Testament Canon, and incorporates profound Christian ideas.

During the research, the features of the modern scientific interpretation of the book "Revelation of John the Theologian" were revealed. The classical approaches to the interpretation of the book of the Apocalypse, their disadvantages and advantages were defined. The analysis of modern English, American and Russian Biblical studies on the interpretation of "Revelation of John the Theologian" was done.

The book "Revelation of John" is the most eschatological work of the New Testament, which caused ambiguous reactions from the fathers and teachers of the early Church. Great attention was devoted to the commentary of the Apocalypse by Western Latin authors, reflecting the interest in this book in the Latin environment.

As a result, starting from II century Christian authors read, commented and used the "Revelation of John."

The importance of thoughtful use of interpretive approaches to the apocalypse's justification was first openly announced by the counter-reformatory authors of the end of XVI - beginning. XVII century.

The development of domestic academic bible studies began at the Kiev Theological Academy. S. Solsky in his work "A brief essay on the history of sacred bibliology and exegesis" paid special attention to the history of the interpretation of the Scriptures.

Among contemporary domestic researchers, in this context scientific achievements of S. Holovashchenko should be noted. Among the main general principles of modern biblical hermeneutics, he defined: a critical study of the text, an important idea of the author's personality, grammatical and philological analysis of the text, definition of the literary genre, establishing the original authentic meaning of the text first, and then clarifying its present relevance.

English and American Bibleists are engaged in a detailed study of apocalyptic problems and their studies are considered the most systematic in our time.

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Maria Bardyn, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

Postgraduate student


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