Conceptual Miscalculations of Aggressive Myth-Making

Vasyl Struhatskyi


The author continues the philosophical study of manipulative influence on the mass consciousness, which is the basic component of the aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine.

The article is devoted to the identification of miscalculations that have been admitted by technologists of this manipulative effect.

It was revealed that the mistakes amount to unqualified approach in forming the image of the key person of mythology. It was established that classics of cultural studies, religious studies and philosophy studied in detail the stages of formation of the person of a cultural hero in the epic of different peoples. These stages, in general similar, are traced to all ethnic groups and provide a compulsory and invariable algorithm for transforming an ordinary person and turning it into a Hero.

Also, the classics of science insist that mythology is the basis of any cultural activity of a modern human being - it is its background. In addition, they point to the danger of unskilled myth-making.

The author of the article has established that Russian technologies of manipulation by consciousness have neglected all the advice of scientists and ignored the basic stages of the formation of the Hero in political myth-making.

Therefore, the author of the article makes a number of conclusions about the possible imminent collapse of the negativism of the people of Russia in relation to its unsuccessfully mythologized President - with all the resulting political consequences.

Also, the article reveals other miscalculations of manipulators, which concern mistaken assessments of the Ukrainian mentality and technical miscalculations.


manipulation of consciousness; mythology of hybrid war; mythologeme; cultural hero; archetype; mentality


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