Technological and economic indicators evaluation in innovation process of oil and gas fielde development




development of oil and gas field, hydrocarbon production, economic effect, technical and economic indicators, adaptation algorithm, forecasting of output data, discounted free monetary flow


A new analytical and algorithmic approach is proposed to evaluate the technical and economic parameters of the oil and gas field development option, taking into account the effect of obtaining economic benefits due to the impact of technological innovations on the intensification of hydrocarbon extraction and related products. In this case, technological innovation is understood as a mixed complex of new means of labor, technology, technological units, new regime and raw materials, logistics, and other common positive technological changes. It is emphasized the need to change the algorithms in the technical and economic calculations of options for the development of oil and gas deposits to take into account the sale of the results of the associated extraction of hydrocarbons generation and storage of energy, the capture of valuable rocks or minerals, water. It is recommended that the developed analyst and algorithmic scheme for the approximate estimation of the discounted reduced free flow of money at each calculation step at the selected duration of the reporting chronological period chosen by the complex of facts of parametric changes from innovations, taking into account direct forecasting and dependence of the output data one from another. The scientific novelty of the work while simultaneously taking into account the dynamics of the local and general economic effect, which creates an adaptive effect of the final economic result from previous forecasts and results for periods, in particular, at control and settlement points.

Author Biographies

Mykhailo Fyk, V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University

Candidate of Technical Sciences, associate professor

Volodymyr Biletskyi, National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute"

D. Sc. in Engineering, Professor of the Department of Oil, Gas and Condensate extraction

Mohammed Abbood, National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute"

Postgraduate student

Mohammed Al-Sutan, National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute"

Postgraduate student

Olena Varavina, National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute"

Postgraduate student


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Fyk, M., Biletskyi, V., Abbood, M., Al-Sutan, M., Varavina, O., Shapchenko, Y., Yatskevich, O., & Fyk, I. (2018). Technological and economic indicators evaluation in innovation process of oil and gas fielde development. Skhid, (2(154), 64–70.




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