The institutionalization of the politics of memory




historical memory, policy of memory, the war of memory, institutionalization, Institute of National Memory


The article is devoted to the analysis of directions and logical stages of the institutionalization of historical memory in Ukraine. As the stages of institutionalization, the author emphasizes drawing attention to "closed issues" of history from the part of the creative intelligentsia, independent researches of historians, journalistic investigations, as a result of which the society has formed a need for the restoration of justice and truth; the establishment of norms and rules for the disclosure of the content of historical memory, including the declassification of archival documents, the work of exploratory expeditions in mass grave sites, the identification of new and revival of forgotten places of memory, the revision of the pantheon of national heroes, various programs for studying oral history, including the content of historical memory in textbooks of educational institutions; adoption at the legislative level of the relevant norms providing for sanctions for their non-compliance; finally, the creation of the Institute of National Memory.

Author Biography

Roman Dodonov, Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University

Doctor of Philosophy, Professor


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