Specificity of development of the theatrical life of Mariupol in the beginning of XX c.


  • Olga Demidko Mariupol State University, Ukraine




theatrical life, Mariupol, repertoire, tours, amateurs, politics


The article is dedicated to the development of theatrical art in Mariupol at the beginning of 20th century. The theatrical life of Mariupol has not been investigated yet as an original art phenomenon, and therefore, it demands for the detailed studying. There are the repertoire, the role of touring troupes and development of charitable activities of actors in the city described in the article as well. The information was collected from literature, newspapers and funds of local lore museums.

The study showed us the rising of ideological and educational value of the scene provincial theaters at the beginning of XX c. In Mariupol worked several theaters, which created conditions for the formation of theater seasons, touring groups' arrivals and also the base for the development of local amateur groups. Performances of guest performers - Ukrainian, Russian and foreign stars of theater scene contributed to the promotion and enrichment of theatrical culture, transforming Mariupol into the cultural centers of the region.

The author considers the features of the state policy in the sphere of theatrical art during the Civil War (1917-1920) and in the first years of Soviet government power. The Soviet government made a circle of attempts to use the theater in the business of agitation and propaganda as much as possible. In consequence with nationwide problems, the conditions which theater city institutions worked in, сconsiderably got worsened because of the fact of the demand of entertaining genres in the repertoire of the theaters. Nevertheless, thanks to the safekeeping of the best examples of the theatrical traditions, the priorities in the repertoire policy were given to the Ukrainian, Russian and foreign classics.

In conclusion, it may be said also, that theater in Mariupol at the beginning of XX c., was developed, despite the complications that have been appeared under the influence of existing political regime and differed from others in the existence of various professional and amateur groups, wide touring guest activities of the prominent masters of the stage and diverse repertoire.

Author Biography

Olga Demidko, Mariupol State University

Post-graduate student of the department of cultural studies and information activity


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