Seeds of oilseeds, as an object in the agrarian market




market, seeds, oilseeds, variety, hybrid, originators, production


The article examines and analyzes the market of oilseeds, which is a variety and a hybrid of sunflower, rape, soybean. It is determined that selection and seed production play an important role in improving the efficiency of the domestic agrarian sector. The domestic seed industry has the potential for growth, which can be realized only through a scientific approach and specialization in the production of seeds. It is established that there are quite significant differences between the stages of seed creation and priorities in state scientific institutions and private seed companies. Differences are due to strategic development plans and the financial mechanism of operational activities. Prospects are the need for fundamental changes aimed at strengthening the organizational and scientific provision of the industry, identifying new priorities for the development of the seed industry to create the final product in the form of selection innovation.

Author Biography

Sergey Chekhov, National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine, Zaporizhzhia

candidate of economic sciences, senior researcher, head of Experimental Station of Rare and Aromatic Crops


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