Prognostication the competitive development of agricultural enterprises, depending on the gross output of crop production and livestock




gross products of agricultural enterprises, competitiveness, prognostication, analysis, production


In the competitive environment any entity should assess its own level of competitiveness for the effective functioning and assessment of prospects for the future. The article analyses the modern state of production of agricultural enterprises. Conducted economic and statistical analysis of crop production and livestock agricultural enterprises of Ukraine. Describes the strategy of optimal development of agricultural enterprises in livestock and crop production. The present stage of development of agricultural enterprises of Ukraine is accompanied by the aggravation of a number of socio-economic problems. However, even under unfavorable conditions, the agricultural sector continues to demonstrate an acceptable rate of development, which is primarily the result of land and agrarian reforms. Along with this, new challenges require timely reaction of the state, the agricultural science and practice. How quickly and effectively the country's agricultural sector is adapting to new economic conditions, will influence their future prospects to take its rightful place among the leading producers of agricultural products in the world. The article is devoted to investigation of dynamics of the efficiency components of production processes based on individual performance production of agricultural enterprises and their prediction for the purpose of isolating efficient mechanism for targeted management to ensure balanced economic development of these companies in the future.

Author Biography

Svetlana Ptashnyk, Uman National University of Horticulture



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