The socially responsible activity management mechanism grounding




socially responsible activities, management mechanism, management strategy, social program


The enterprise socially responsible activities system of the needs the effective management mechanism. It has been proved the enterprise social responsibility policy should be included in the management strategy. Modern management methods shifts the emphasis of influence to the invisible asset using with this new management methods, including the social responsibility management. However, it is only small size of the domestic enterprises include the social responsibility policy in the management strategy.

The article shows the author's understanding of the "socially responsible activities management mechanism" category, as the component part of the management system which determinates the enterprise socially responsible activities order through the management components and characterizes their external and internal factors.

It has been proposed to perform the social responsibility management system in accordance with the initial, main and final or resultant stages, which can be parted in their turn on the following stages: initial (selection of the enterprise social policy priorities, the enterprise social policy main priorities formation with taking into account their features, creating of the special structure of the social programs management, the draft programs preparation, organization of the educational program for managers aimed at the socially responsible activities problems); main (the specified social programs realization); final or resultant (the realization process and social program results evaluation, informing of stakeholders about the results of the social programs realization, control over the socially responsible activities implementation and partial social programs).

It has been proved that social programs don't have the direct influence on the profit growth. It is because the social; policy and social programs have non-profit character and because of this they should not concentrate on the arguments of the profit increasing. However it doesn't mean that the effective social policy of the enterprise doesn't give indirect influence on improving of its financial indicators. Researches which were performed in this field allow us to affirm that the effective social policy programs make influence on the increasing of the enterprise capitalization, the rofit increasing, the reduction of expenses, growth of sales volumes, and also affect such an important factor as the stability of demand, the consumers commitment (especially the population) to one or another enterprise brand.

Author Biography

Olha Pavlykivska, Ternopil National Technical University named after Ivan Puluj

Ph.D., Associate Professor, the Accounting and Audit Department


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