Interconnection of methods in the functioning of philosophical and religious ideas (in the heritage of the Ukrainian philosophers 1900s-1970s)




God, Good, Evil, Innovative, "Religious Logics", Revelation Studies Tradition, Truthness


This paper explains through conceptualization of the texts how methodological factors ensure realization of the well-considered ideas through the continuous synchronization with the interdisciplinary space, (inter)religious communications. It reveals the concomitant involvement of the "few processes simultaneity" including the complex of temporithmics.

The proposed subject has not actually been studied from the heuristic standpoint. And, in the meantime, without conceptualization of how, to what extent and under what emerged situations methodological factors interconnect episodically, in segments or totally it is difficult to explain the very essence of the philosophical-religious ideas. Speaking about the methods and the ideas two types of temporithmics remain unstudied till present time. However, there are reasons to assume that under the emerged circumstances the complex of temporithmics manifested in the form of harmony or symphony takes root naturally (particularly when speaking of the phenomenon of consistent ambiguities). At the same time the well-considered interconnections create possibilities for the "few processes simultaneity"1 that ensures consistency of the differently measured processes. And this becomes one of the prerequisites for functioning of the analyzed ideas. Little-studied remain to be the intrastructural characteristics of each idea; in the meantime wih periodical situationalness they correlate with the said complex of temporithmics. Unexplored is also the issue how the consistent ambiguities are connected with the autonomous status of each of the philosohical-religious idea.

Author Biography

Zуnovij Timenyk, National University "Lviv Polytechnics"

Ph.D. in Philosophy, Associate Professor of the Department of History of Ukraine and Etnical communications


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