Modern theological interpretation of the sacramental dimension of missionary activity




mission theology, Protestantism, Orthodoxy, modern theology, ecclesiology


The article carries out a systematic analysis of the sacramental dimension of missionary activity and proves that the corresponding concepts are based on modern theological concepts that interpret the mission as the work of God (Missio Dei), and not the work of the church. This interpretation of the mission is designed to overcome the crisis of missionary activity in the West and in the Ukrainian context. Transformations of the theological interpretation of the mission lead to the discovery of the significance of missionary action as a sacramental act of God-human communication. Accordingly, the theological interpretation of the mission ceases to be subjective, but draws attention to the objective and intersubjective nature of the mission as a universal activity of God and the church.

Author Biography

Serhii Sannіkov, National Pedagogical Dragomanov University

Senior Researcher of the Center for the Study of Religions


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