Organization of processes management providing for development of industrial enterprise




organization, processes, management, development, provision, industrial enterprise


It is proved in the article that management of the provision of industrial enterprises should be based on the principles of innovative logistics and aim at achieving the following results: ensuring the optimal organization of all types of material in ventures in the field of production; constant monitoring of the ratio "price - quality" of the necessary material resources; optimization of logistics costs in order to reduce the unit cost of production; solving problems of ware housing and storage of material stocks; the choice between logistics out sourcing and its own department of logistics in order to increase the effectiveness of marketing.

The approach to organization of the processes of management of the development of the industrial enterprise development on the basis of analysis and selection of strategic alternatives is proposed.

Author Biography

Olga Rusinova, Donetsk Institute of Urban Municipal Economy

Candidate of Economic Sciences, assistant professor of Department of Accounting and Audit


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