Struggle of the 'Teacher Community' Society for development of Ukrainian private schooling in Galicia (1910-1914)


  • Lesia Vovk Lviv Postgraduate Medical College, Ukrainian-Polish Relations Research Center of I. Krypiakevych Ukrainian Studies Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ukraine



Teacher Community Galicia, teacher, Statute, school, education


The paper describes achievements of the Ukrainian 'Teacher Community' Society in the development of Ukrainian private schooling in Galicia on the eve of World War I. It is pointed out that from its foundation date the Society in concert with other national-cultural organizations ('Mutual Support of Ukrainian Teachers', 'Prosvita', Shevchenko Scientific Society (SSS) etc.) started struggling for transformation of Utraquist Polish-Ukrainian schools into Ukrainian-speaking educational institutions as well as  made considerable efforts to set up Ukrainian  gymnasia.

It is stated that among the Society's trusty allies in the implementation of identified tasks were not only Ukrainian national-cultural organizations but also political parties, namely the Ukrainian People's Democratic Party (UPDP). Owing to joint strenuous activities, a Regional School Union was set up, which became a coordinating body of Ukrainian private schooling. Specifically, it examined performance records of school management, admitted applications of candidates for teacher's jobs etc.

It is proved that the most active phase of cooperation between the Teacher Community and the Regional School Union lasted from 1910 to 1911 - a lot of constructive meetings were held and joint actions organized, which contributed to the establishment of Ukrainian schooling in Galicia. Convincing achievements of the Society were the organization of preparatory courses for the first form of gymnasia, aimed at improved accessibility of training to school youth, and introduction of celebration of national holidays in regional Ukrainian language gymnasia.

It is indicated that the Teacher Community faced numerous topical tasks which it failed to solve in 1910-1914 (enhancement of cooperation of the Society with the Austrian Union of Secondary School Teachers, pressing the Regional School Union for transformation of Utraquist gymnasia in Stryi and Berezhany into Ukrainian-speaking educational institutions). It is concluded that the Company was rather efficient in protecting the interests of its members through petitioning local authorities in case of "offences against any member" of the Society and generally sought to raise the national-cultural level of Ukrainian teachers.

Author Biography

Lesia Vovk, Lviv Postgraduate Medical College, Ukrainian-Polish Relations Research Center of I. Krypiakevych Ukrainian Studies Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

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