Identification of chemical and explosive goods whiletransferring through customs border: global threats and challenges for countries




customs security, World Customs Organization, customs risks, illegal transferring of goods, Global Shield program, homemade explosive devices, chemical precursors


The article substantiates the dangers of illegal chemical and explosive goods transferring between countries. The threats arising from the use of chemical precursors for the production of homemade explosive weapons, including terrorist organizations, have been argued. The role of the World Customs Organization in counteracting the illegal transferring of chemical precursors across the border is analyzed. The features of the Global Shield program are revealed in counteracting the risks of customs space while transferring chemical precursors. The problems that exist when moving chemical precursors across the customs border of Ukraine are determined.

Author Biography

Andriy Voyotseshchyk, Department of Specialized Training and Cynological Support of DFS

PhD in Economic Science, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Specialized Training, Director


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Voyotseshchyk, A. (2017). Identification of chemical and explosive goods whiletransferring through customs border: global threats and challenges for countries. Skhid, (4(150), 5–11.