Comprehensive evaluation of the stock market of Ukraine




stock market, securities, comprehensive evaluation, development


Relevance of the article is determined that current conditions in global financial markets to impose competitiveness and solvency of the stock market higher requirements to meet is becoming increasingly difficult given the present realities of economic instability and uncertainty. Defects of the stock market Ukraine is its low capitalization, liquidity, limited range of financial instruments. In this regard it more urgent study of current conditions, trends and characteristics of the stock market.

The article is an analysis of the dynamics of the stock market based on the calculation of integrated indicators in individual segments.

Integrated indicators are used to obtain information about the state of the securities market as a whole or its individual segments, as well as the qualitative state of the infrastructure market. The integral index is a measure of activity in the securities market within national boundaries, which characterizes the state of domestic markets that exist in this country, or the share of which accounts for a significant portion of the securities market of the country.

In the article the estimation of the dynamics and structure of registered volume of securities on the stock market of Ukraine, the number of issues, trading volumes on their stock exchange and OTC segment is given. Analysis is conducted by main financial instruments: stocks, state, municipal, corporate bonds, derivatives, securities, collective investment institutions. The methodical approach to the integrated assessment of the stock market Ukraine on the basis of calculation of integral index is grounded. The reasons of deteriorating it, reducing the share of trading quality financial instruments represented primarily government bonds Ukraine, which are traded on the stock exchange segment, and increase the proportion of shares and securities of joint investment institutions, many of which are not traded on the stock exchange and has low liquidity.

Author Biography

Oksana Jaroshevskaja, Classical Private University

Ph.D. in Economics, Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor of the Department of Enterprise Economics


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