Public debt security of Ukraine: estimation, risks and perspectives




public debt, sovereign debt, debt risks, public debt security


The article deals with the public debt security in accordance with the realities of fiscal policy in Ukraine. There were identified the main disadvantages of the Ukrainian public debt risk assessment system. There was investigated world experience the debt security estimation indicators. Recently the debt security estimation in the conditions of financial and economic stagnation shows the rapid growth of debt burden, its indicators exceeded the maximum allowable parameters, primarily, due to externalities under the influence of budgetary and currency risksexacerbation. There were offered the main direction of improving the debtmanagement in Ukraine, in particular, to extend and legislate debt security indicators; to develop a unified methodology for assessing debt risk by systematizing a list of debt risk indicators for weighting coefficients, a ball scale, such as a "temperature matrix"; to use indicators of elasticity in calculating the level of debt security, debt risks; to develop а unified methodology for evaluating and implementing a medium- and long-term risk strategy for managing sovereign debt with the targeting of financial and debt sustainability determinants and the possible to use the model of "financial suppression".

Author Biographies

Hanna Kotina, Kyiv National Economic University

Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor of Finance

Maryna Stepura, Kyiv National Economic University

Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor of Finance

Pavlo Kondro

Master of Finance and Credit


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