Problems and prospects of financing the rehabilitation of hydropower plants project by the World Bank in Ukraine




investment projects, financing energy, The World Bank, international financial institutions


The article deals with the financing of investment projects by the World Bank, especially the rehabilitation of hydropower plants. It is noted that cooperation with Ukraine World Bank launched since 1992. The World Bank develops and finances projects at the request of the Government of Ukraine. After evaluating the project and the terms of the loan are following the negotiations, the approval of the Board of Directors and the signing of the agreement. The funds of the World Bank in Ukraine are on the system of financing and investment projects. The content system projects is to change the conditions and rules of certain sectors of the public administration or industries. The aim of the investment projects is the technical reconstruction of some existing businesses a particular industry or region, creating new companies or provide funds to replenish the working capital of enterprises. This clearly defined list of goods, services and works to be procured through the World Bank loan. The paper conclusions on the results of the project of rehabilitation of hydropower plants.

SuccessinitiatedenergyreforminUkraineislargelydeterminedbytheefficiencyoftheinvestmentpolicy, including attracting loans from international financial organizations. On receipt of credit, including the World Bank, depend on the possibility of upgrading technologically obsolete and worn-out fixed assets of the energy sector and problems olving reduce country's energy dependence, improve energy efficiency and reduce the impact on the environment. In turn Hydropower Rehabilitation project funding by the World Bank Ukraine will ensure uninterrupted operation of hydropower plants and have a positive impact on the environmental and energy security.

Author Biography

Ivan Kolosov, Academy of Financial Management

Graduate student


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