Jewish question in Eastern Galicia XIII-XXI centuries - current historical and cultural view




Jews, Lviv, history, Eastern Galicia Jewish community


We consider the causes of the Jewish ethnic group in Galicia. These facts first written mention of the presence of Jews in Lvov. Listed best known former and current Jewish historians and researchers. Described Lviv ghetto areas where Jews on the street Jewish and Krakow suburb. Characterized relations with the Jewish community in the Polish population and Roman Catholic religious communities, with the royal and local authorities. The list of restrictions concerning the Jews. These large and small towns, inhabited by Jews. Austrian period considered (1772-1918). During which the Jewish people received the constitutional rights and started active social and political activities, establishing the first party organization and the socialist Zionist trends. The attention to improving the educational attainment of Jewish children and young people in schools and universities, the first appearance of the Austrian army mobilized, to limit the influence of the Jewish rabbi and kahal on implementing germanic names that passed through heredity. Characterized religious and philosophical currents that divided the Jewish community to traditionalists (Hasidim) and modernist (Orthodox, educator). These earliest most popular socio-political and religious journals that are printed to Jewish communities and NGOs pro-Polish and pro-German assimilation direction. An specific figures on the number of members of Jews in different historical periods. Shown position of the Jews in the Ukrainian-Polish war of 1918-1919 and the wars 1919-1939. The characteristic of the surviving sacred architectural monuments Lviv, Drohobych, Brody, Zhovkva.

Author Biography

Bogdan Levyk, Lviv Polytechnic

Doctor of History, Associate Professor history of Ukraine and etnocommunications


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