Trends in economic development of the regions Ukraine




regions of Ukraine, economic activity, development, agriculture, indicator, gross regional product, dynamics, industry, region, area


The article defines the current state of economic development the territories of Ukraine. Important factors that determine it are macro- and microeconomic. On a national scale, the indicator of gross domestic product is used to determine the results of economic activity. At the regional level, a gross regional product is a general indicator characterizing the level of development the economy. It represents a general indicator of economic activity, performance and characterizes the newly created value of goods and services produced in a certain territory. The geographical structure of the distribution of the gross regional product is presented and its differences are revealed in the regions, among which five are determined: North, South, West, East and Central Ukraine. The leading regions in which the largest share of the gross regional product is produced are investigated. The types of economic activity of some regions are analyzed. It is determined that in today's conditions the industries producing goods are in first place in terms of their relative density. They account for about half of the gross regional product. At the same time, the percentage of industries providing services remains insignificant. The dynamics of the change in the value of the gross regional product per one inhabitant was revealed. It illustrates the threefold difference between the maximum and minimum value in Ukraine. This indicates a significant uneven development of the regions. The directions for increasing the gross regional product are proposed, which consist in increasing the share of industries and services. The need for such reforms is related to the creation of an optimal market infrastructure, scientific and technological progress, the development of banking, insurance, real estate transactions, the restructuring of production, the production of those goods and services that are aimed at the broad demand of the population both in price parameters and quality characteristics.

Author Biography

Igor Usik, Vasyl Stus Donetsk National University, Vinnitsa



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