The improvement of the motivation system of the personnel according to the age features of the employees




motivation of the personnel, enterprise, management of the personnel, human resource, age features of the employee


The article analyzes the definitions of the personnel motivation known in the literature. It also shows that all the definitions describe the personnel motivation as a continual and permanent process of forming and providing the incentives from the enterprise (organization) to its employees. This process is aimed to promote the employees to complete the tasks of the company.

The questioning method was used to study the motivation factors of the employees of different ages at the certain enterprise. The necessity of consideration of the age factor for improving the motivation system of the personnel at the enterprise was explained.

The defects of the existing system at the enterprise were formulated. The recommendations for managers were made as follows: 1) to identify the goals of the company and to inform the employees about them; 2) to develop a system of key performance indicators of the efficiency of the company and to use them to measure the results of the activity of the enterprises, departments and each participant of the work process; 3) to use scientific methods to monitor the situation with the personnel at the enterprise; 4) to improve the reward system; 5) to have the wage and labor correlation criteria. 

Author Biography

Lyudmila Galan, O.S. Popov Odessa National Academy of Telecommunications

Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor


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