“Skhid” journal was included in prestigious Polish list of journals


“Skhid” journal was included in prestigious Polish list of journals

Czasopismo «Skhid» znalazło się na prestiżowej polskiej liście czasopism


On July 31, 2019 the Ministry of Science and Higher Education in Poland published new list of journals that had been estimated (“pointed”) by it (http://www.bip.nauka.gov.pl/akty-prawne-mnisw/komunikat-ministra-nauki-i-szkolnictwa-wyzszego-z-dnia-31-lipca-2019-r-w-sprawie-wykazu-czasopism-naukowych-i-recenzowanych-materialow-z-konferencji-miedzynarodowych-wraz-z-przypisana-liczba-punktow.html). Ukrainian journal “Skhid” also entered the list of “pointed” editions and obtained 20 points (its counting number in this list is 29032).

Entering this list is significant scientific and image achievement for the “Skhid» because since this moment all articles of Polish scientists who are published in the journal will give them 20 points (these points will be counted to the achievements of institution represented by the researcher at the moment of publication of the article). It should be also added that articles published in periodical publications that did not join the list by the Ministry will be estimated at not above 20 points.

Taking into account the fact that the “Skhid” is scientific journal working in historical and philosophical fields, points will be counted only in case that authors of the articles have declared their corresponding profession. Publishing their works on “Skhid” journal, Polish scientists could achieve the sufficient number of points for reporting (each of them has to claim four most “pointed” (which received the highest number of points) articles or monographs at works within four years). It is important that points received in such way will influence on the funding of the institution where scientists work.

So, entering the prestigious Polish list of journals, where only a few Ukrainian scientific journals (among them are «Grani», «Sumy Historical and Archival Journal», «Kyiv-Mohyla Humanities Journal») are mentioned, have become another achievement of its management and allows to hope for further increase in its rating indicators.


Ihor Sribnyak,

Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor,

Editor of History part of “Skhid”