Today’s moment of history is unfortunately marked with a military conflict of Ukrainian government troops and law enforcement bodies with anti-state military units to which emergence and arming Russia is privy and since 24 August also with Russian regular military forces. It is internationally recognized by the UN, the OSCE, the Council of Europe and leaders of virtually all leading countries of the western world as well as international political and civic organizations.

In this actually warlike situation the role of a scholarly journal (Skhid in particular) which is a discussion platform rather than a mass medium, should probably change as well. We believe that it is preservation of our scientific potential, which is among major tasks in the current context. And it is here where both leading researchers and organizers of science, true super activists of the scientific world (primarily that of Ukraine), and hopefully our colleagues from other countries have to make their contribution. Today scientists whose main creed has always been an objective evaluation of reality are often used as propagandists as their scholarship and ability to articulate an idea enable them to create propaganda and counterpropaganda machines.

We invite all core researchers (historians, economists and philosophers) and Ukrainian scholar schools in these branches of knowledge to cooperation with our publication. Please send your articles, studies and materials, suggest your ideas (our Editorial Board will examine them) as to how to adjust the themes of the Journal in line with the current situation, how to prioritize materials for publishing, which themes you consider vital for today and in the long run.

The Skhid Editorial Board has been working in force majeure, most of its members having left for other cities of Ukraine for the time being – Zaporozhye, Odessa, Kiev, Lvov and others. We have been working online, doing our best to release the Journal on time.


Dear authors! We look forward to getting your proposals and expert articles.

Let us safeguard national science.

Let us retain national scientific personnel.

Let us work in the current context for the future.


Editorial Board