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"Xá Nhè" along with market the "Xá Nhè" and wine "Mông Pê" made a deep impression for international travellers with Vietnam visa on arrival, each time coming up with social "Xá Nhè" district, "Tua Chua". The action also has the name "Khó Xo". "Khó Xo" meaning cave with explosives, it comes from the ago cave was the gathering place of bats, so there's a lot of bats, common people to collect guano on making explosives. Today in the cave was no longer the bat, which is both a beautiful scenery, a gift. "Xá Nhè" located at the foot of high mountains, steep, between four the the block mountains of gray rock covered by green forest teemed along with yellow as bright as density of upland rice the day into service.
Discovery is the process of exploring a pristine beauty bore the mysterious, full of charm. "Xá Nhè" extends 700m, includes 5 cavity. Cavity the outer can shaped ceiling arches, the blocks of stalactites drooping from the ceiling, when light shines on each block emulsion are infected with yellow colour and reflective back feels like stalactites are sparkling shine. The cubic emulsion when competition is soft, lithe, like a cascade of water, when the sharp, angular, like blocks of coral sea. Above are the stalactites, below is the block of cement rock jam jam sprang up bearing the strange shapes different. Advance deep into in the cave paintings of the "Xá Nhè" is up mountains with thousands of color shape of the stalactites and stalagmites. The natural painting appear to converge separate beauty of each compartment giving the viewer the sense of curious, amused. While compartment a is up want to color, changes shape lightnings in blocks of emulsion, cement, then the cavity 2 re-fluted to strange with images of the rice field, bac thang along rivers and streams rustic; the cavity 3 back is up epic with 2 pillars large stone building stands against taking the ceiling cavity in keeping the heart; compartment 4 is separated from the compartment to another in a higher position than all; from the cavity 4 to cavity 5 must slithered through the alley, mobile, crawling through the small niche to visitors is the scenery charming of the cavity in the end. In the cavity 5, under the hand sculpture of nature, the stalagmites created in the screen from the rocky mountains shining to the terraces are connected to each other above the emulsion was re-titled as the buddha is looking down from above, the life of the people. All is sculpture, voluminous, majestic, no less charm of nature, creating a deep impression and unforgettable for every visitor to this.
Source: Du Lich