No 3(149) (2017)

Table of Contents


Phenomenon of gold and diamond rushes as territorial, mining and socio-cultural development of continental spaces of North America and Australia (Part I) PDF (Українська)
Gennadiy Gayko, Volodymyr Biletsky 28-35
Contribution of the Ukrainian National Council in Petrograd in the facility of helping refugees and evictees during the First World War PDF (Українська)
Inna Demuz 35-42
Historiography of the problem of assessment of Akhenaten's reign PDF (Українська)
Olha Zapletniuk 43-47
The genesis of the term "intelligentsia" within historical dimension PDF (Українська)
Oleksandra Rodyhina 48-52


Apocalyptic expectations in modern religious literature of Jehovah's Witnesses and Seventh Day Adventists (comparative description) PDF (Українська)
Maria Bardyn 53-57
The phenomenon of hypertext in Internet and Philosophy of postmodernism PDF (Українська)
Petro Krasnopyorov 58-63
Subject as a substance. Hegel as a prophet of Modernity. Three ways to understand Subject’s substantivity in Hegel’s philosophy and the imanentization of reality in modern philosophy PDF (Українська)
Victor Levytskyi 63-70
'Kuroneko Banzai' and 'Nimbus Libere' as the examples of anti-American military propaganda PDF (Українська)
Konstantin Rayhert 71-75
Analysis of the image of Ukraine in Mexican media: July 2016 - June 2017 PDF (Українська)
Andrii Ryzhkov, Nayelli Lopez Rocha 76-83
5 Sola Reformation. Theological principles of heterogenious protestantism PDF (Українська)
Serhii Sannіkov 83-92
Public opinion - regular nature of the formation PDF (Українська)
Olena Starykovska 93-98
Modern view on the gender issues in the religious context in terms of historical retrospective PDF (Українська)
Iryna Starovoit 99-103
Conservative concept of the national state H. Ortega y Gаsset PDF (Українська)
Oleh Turenko 104-107
The Phenomenon of Environmental Classics (Philosophical and Methodological Analysis) PDF (Українська)
Nelya Filyanina 108-112


Problems and prospects of financing the rehabilitation of hydropower plants project by the World Bank in Ukraine PDF (Українська)
Ivan Kolosov 5-10
Public debt security of Ukraine: estimation, risks and perspectives PDF (Українська)
Hanna Kotina, Maryna Stepura, Pavlo Kondro 10-15
Model of management system for promotion of industrial enterprise development PDF (Українська)
Olga Rusinova 16-20
Comprehensive evaluation of the stock market of Ukraine PDF (Українська)
Oksana Jaroshevskaja 21-27