No 2(148) (2017)

Table of Contents


Jewish question in Eastern Galicia XIII-XXI centuries - current historical and cultural view PDF (Українська)
Bogdan Levyk 36-43
Cultural and educational mission of the "Ukrainian Library" by I. Tyktor in national and ideological space Ukrainian PDF (Українська)
Mariya Pirko 44-52
State policy relatively repatriation and creating conditions for life in the historical homeland of the Crimean Tatars in 1956-2014 PDF (Українська)
Nazar Rybak 52-59
Stanislav regional committee Communist Party of Ukraine archive and Stanislav regional military commissariat archive us investigational sources of struggling of the soviet regime against Ukrainian liberation movement during 1944-1956: comparative context PDF (Українська)
Nazarii Rozlutsky 60-64
Self-organization of Ukrainian women in Canada during the first and the second waves of immigration (1892-1914, 1922-1939) PDF (Українська)
Khrystyna Sholota 65-70
Lviv garrison role at educational life of the city (1921-1939) PDF (Українська)
Andrii Shchehlov 71-76


The picture of the world as a part of social reality PDF (Українська)
Aleksandr Belokobylskiy 77-82
Neototalitarianism as an ideological phenomenon: cultural discourse PDF (Українська)
Yevheniia Bilchenko 83-90
Arab world and dialectics of democratization process PDF (Українська)
Andrey Buzarov 91-95
Еxploration of the cultural borderland: вorder, boundary, frontier studies PDF (Українська)
Maryna Kolinko 96-100
The review of Julian Jaynes' conception of consciousness PDF (Українська)
Konstantin Rayhert 101-104
Linguistic turn in philosophy: a critical analysis PDF (Українська)
Andriy Synytsya 105-109
Prospects of political rehabilitation and aspects of retribution. The post-militaristic phase of the hybrid war PDF (Українська) PDF
Vasyl Struhatskyi 110-116


The improvement of the motivation system of the personnel according to the age features of the employees PDF (Українська)
Lyudmila Galan 5-8
Mechanisms of public-private partnership in the projects of urban agglomerations development PDF (Українська)
Maryna Melnykova, Yеlyzaveta Gradoboіeva 9-13
Principles of international partnership in the development of domestic enterprises PDF
Alla Polyanska 14-22
Trends in economic development of the regions Ukraine PDF (Українська)
Igor Usik 22-27
Problem of shadow employment in the context of the labour market structural transformation PDF (Українська)
Larysa Shaulska, Nataliia Yakymova 28-35