Prospects of using Mobile Apps in regional information market of Ukraine

Maryna Arovina


The paper looks into prospects of using mobile applications in the regional information market. It reviews global trends in their introduction rates, based on development of mobile devices and new information technologies. Mobile applications are classified, their most popular types for business and community described. The author provides rationale for some directions of market expansion owing to a growing share of smartphones in the total number of mobile phones and an increase in the number of Internet users.

Some specific features of the regional information market performance and its main participants are identified. The paper presents economic performances of companies by regions of Ukraine as a critical economic factor in using mobile applications. The banking sector and trade are defined as the most favorable lines of activity. The following bottlenecks in the use of mobile applications by domestic banks are identified as compared to those in Europe, specifically in Poland: a low rate of activity in this field and insufficient number of Internet users. The author analyzes functional capabilities of active software in the most successful banks of Ukraine.

Services of the most popular mobile applications offered by major companies with regional representatives are examined.

There are some factors identified, which adversely affect the shaping of community demand for mobile applications, such as regional disproportions in the flow of income as well as high purchase costs of food commodities and extremely low purchase costs of household appliances. The author gives some positive examples of promoting mobile applications in local information markets in the field of public transport.

It is established that prospects of further use of mobile applications in the regional information market depend on enhancement of financial stability of economic entities and an increase of the income level of the population.


information technology; mobile application; regional information market; users; mobile devices


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