Consideration of responsibility with "morali equity" position

Tetiana Zaporozhets


The purpose of this article is to identify the nature and specificity of the one of moral responsibility angles namely responsibility as equity. Moral responsibility defined as intense contradiction between the tendency that is focused on the individual isolation feom integrity, and centripetal tendency which aims at unity with others. In the phenomena of fairness, duty, personal dignity the tendency of the responsibility exclusively for myself, and the responsibility for the other is a tribute to the fact that we exist in a socialized world clearly reflects. However, as an autonomous individual has a need to enter into social contacts, he is forced to take up humanity constituted norms and principles for determining the extent of certain actions, the common denominator of which is the justice category.

An understanding of the subject as the embodiment and individualized, but interacting with others, reflected in the concept of justice, which sets boundaries and makes possible the ontological foundation of responsibility. The justice sets limits of responsibility, not allowing it to turn into an all-out, because it is those minimum of restrictions not following of which makes the individual lose the status of the Human. It was found that the responsibility rational moment which is understood in terms of equity and obligation, does not deny the justice existence sense. Responsibility analysis due to the concepts of respect and personal dignity reveals those phenomenon distinctions that characterize self-determined, individualized person, who marked its expansion moral boundaries to the world and is able to recognize somebodies' originality and make him consider of its own and others autonomy. Responsibility, which is built on the basis of justice, outlines the boundaries that should not to be passed by the autonomous, moral, conscious entity.


responsibility; equity; fairness; freedom; respect; personal dignity


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