Challenging religious freedom and religious plurality of Ukraine: the ideology and terror of "Russian world"

Mykhailo Cherenkov


The articale is devoted to analysis of religious motives behind of separatism at Eastern Ukraine. As authors theses have shown, Orthodox fundamentalism is no less aggressive than "Islamic fundamentalism", and the "Russian spring" is no less bloody than its "Arab" counterpart. Because this species of Orthodoxy has government support and aspires to a role in politics, it can be called "political Orthodoxy." Morever, recently "political Orthodoxy" has manifested itself in the form of "Orthodox terrorism" on Ukrainian territory occupied by pro-Russian separatists. There is no doubt that the persecution of individuals and groups based on religion that we are witnessing is part of a coherent policy aimed at creating a "Russian world".


religion; East Ukraine; separatism; Orthodoxy; "Russian world".


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