The geopolitical calculations Russia in "ukrainian crisis": Island Russia - continent of Crimea - state of Novorossia




"ukrainian crisis", "neo-isolationism", Ukraine, Russia, West.


In her article, the researcher presents possible variants of the 'Ukrainian crisis' settlement with regard to current geopolitical position of Russian Federation being a result of Vladimir Putin's politics of 'neoisolationism'. The author believes that the first - and the least plausible - option, taken broad Ukrainian opposition into account, is preservation of current de facto Crimean status and federalization and neutrality of Ukraine. This will allow Russia to change geopolitical situation on its Western borders. The second option is a unitary Ukraine with its straightforward orientation on European and Euro-Atlantic values. This is a goal to become the result of current struggle unfolding in Ukraine, being at present unachievable. In this case, Russia itself can become a buffer zone between the West and China being forced to choose its political priorities. The third option implies Ukraine collapsing into two parts like post-World War Two Germany. Artificially created 'Novorossia' becomes a 'buffer' between pro-Western Ukraine and Russia with the last one basically controlling this quasi-state and shielding it from any Western influences. The author concludes that all the abovementioned options stimulate farther implementation of Russian politics of 'neoisolationism'.

Author Biography

Iryna Boginska, Donetsk national university

PhD, Department of international relations and foreign politics


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