Missionary, cultural and educational activities of religious organizations in Donetsk Region during the recent period (the late 1990s - the beginning of the 21st century)





religion, missionary activity, cultural and educational activities, church, religious organization


The paper reviews some methods of carrying out missionary, cultural and educational activities by religious organizations of Donetsk Region in the context of modern realities of social development. Among the activities aimed to strengthen influence on ordinary citizens, various church communities generally use such methods as promotion of communications with society (advocacy) and creation of a positive image through various actions both among supporters of their religion and neutrally disposed outsiders. Among the missionary activities there dominates awareness-raising. The paper gives examples of missionary and cultural activities in Donetsk Region. An attempt is made to determine the efficiency of different types of missionary, cultural and educational activities in order to attract attention of society and its individual representatives. Different religious organizations carry out cultural activity in a different way, however more active organizations and those enjoying greater support of local authorities turn away from campaigns of Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate such as "the God's Sparkle", "Red Easter" etc. Further, an increase in the number of actions aimed at establishment of interdenominational dialogue and cooperation has been observed.

Author Biography

Oleksii Petrov, Donbas National Construction and Architecture Academy

Cand. Sc. (History), Assistant Professor


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