The influence of globalization processes on the development of agribusiness of Ukraine




globalization, global market, international trade, European Union, World Trade Organization, integration, liberalization, competition, export, import, agricultural business, agriculture and food


The author overviewed the substantive content of the category of "globalization". The influence of globalization processes on the development of agribusiness of Ukraine is considered. The likely benefits and risks of growth of the country's participation in the global economic processes are determined. The level of preparedness of the state under globalization is studied. Global trends of the development of agriculture and providing people with food are overviewed. The current state of the development of agribusiness is analyzed, the problems are found and their solutions are proposed. The necessity of the state support for the studied sector of economics is proved.

The future of Ukrainian agriculture in the context of globalization depends on its adaptive capacity. In our opinion, three groups of conditions affect the competitiveness of domestic agriculture in the world. They are: macroeconomic conditions that are determined by rationality and dynamism of the domestic economy; prerequisites for investment, especially in the development of an appropriate climate in the country and at the level of each entity; agricultural development in accordance with accepted social standards. Achieving the competitive level in the global food market requires considerable and sustained financial investment in almost all sectors, especially in scientific research and agricultural education. The increasing level of globalization in the international trade, including food, significantly affects the nature of the problem of food self-sufficiency. 

Author Biographies

Nelya Chorna, Ternopil National Economic University

Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor of Economics, organization and planning in Agroindustrial Complex

Roman Chornyy, faculty Novovolynsk of Ternopil National Economic University

PhD (Economics), assistant professor of general economic and humanitarian disciplines


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