IPO - the opportunities and obstacles for domestic banking institutions





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The article discusses current issues related to the peculiarities of the procedure IPO banking institutions in Ukraine. It has been established that the procedure has not been yet widely among financial institutions in the country, which is caused by historical patterns of development of the Ukrainian financial market. The article highlighted in detail and argued the key factors that contribute to the development of an IPO in the banking system of the state and at the same time confirm the usefulness of a public offering to raise the level of capitalization of domestic banks. The author reasons special attention is given to that reveal the meaning and necessity, as well as profitability and sustainable use of Ukrainian banks IPO. Analysis of the current situation and accumulated in the banking system of the country experience would reinforce and formalize the existing limitations and difficulties that accompany the exit of domestic banks as the internal and the external is the public market. The author highlighted the prospects for further research, which is to develop a clear sequence of implementation mechanism of the IPO in the activities of domestic enterprises.

Author Biography

Hanna Panasenko, Economics and Humanities Institute, Makiivka

PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Finance


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