Open philosophical systems as an attempt of deconstruction of totality metaphysics

Lydia Safonik


The article states that the progress of philosophy is passing through a transition from "closed philosophical systems into "open philosophical systems". In closed systems philosophical aspirations to a single is dominated. In open philosophical systems one can see the changes of theoretical and value orientations of philosophy. Namely, the ascertaining of significance of multiple as a basis of tolerant existential meanings. It is emphasized that the deconstruction of metaphysics of totality demonstrates the deconstruction of sense of life as someone's alien project. It is emphasized, that the resolution of disputes between metaphysics, which represents the superiority of unity above multiplicity and contextualism, according to which the plurality dominates over unity, is impossible due to the method of dialectical thinking. It is indicated that the metaphysics of totality is the key of the totality in thinking and the lack of ontological freedom. Ontology freedom demands another thinking and another existence. In conclusion it is stressed that the person of the twentieth century is uncertain, and therefore, there no necessity in philosophy of totality, which is the only basis for a finding of meanings of life. The field of meanings which are the generator of life principles fill the person of the present days. So such philosophical system is the key to tolerance of otherness in thinking and ontological freedom and citizenship in social life.


metaphysics; totality; single; multiple; ontology; open philosophical systems; closed philosophical systems; deconstruction; sense of life; meanings of life


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