Historiography of the question of Zaporizia and Don Cossack relations (the end of XVth - the beginning of the XVIIIth century) in 20-30th years of XXth century





Zaporozhia Cossacks, Don Cossacks, Don


The Ukrainian and Don Cossacks became defenders of the Eastern Christian world from the Turkish-Tatar aggression, the subject of economic, military, ethno-cultural contacts at the civilization crossroads between East and West. A thorough study of the historiography of the Zaporizhia and Don Cossack relations will allow us to approach another gap in the field of knowledge of the historical past. The author aims to find out the degree of study of the history of relations between the Ukrainian and Don Cossacks (the end of XV - the beginning of the XVIІІ century) on the basis of historiographical analysis of works of Ukrainian and Russian researchers created in 20-30th years of XXth century.
The article establishes the results of research on the relations between the Ukrainian and Don Cossacks (the end of XV - the beginning of the XVIIth century) in the development of historiography in the 20-30's of the XX century. The main aspects of the study of this problem in Ukrainian and Russian historiography of the 20-30's of the 20th century are determined; the peculiarities of consideration of relations between representatives of both Cossack communities in the historical literature of the mentioned period are traced; the contribution of various authors to the study of this problem is found.
In the 20th years of XX century Soviet historiography laid the foundations for a scientific study of peasant wars in Russia. The authors of the 20-30th years of XX century paid the greatest attention to the participation of Cossacks in the revolt at the beginning of the XVII century in Russia, but historians differently interpreting the role of Cossacks in these events. The study of the history of the Cossacks took place abroad: S. Svatykov, I. Bikadorov, G. Vernadsky made efforts to consider the genesis and social organization of the Don, and also briefly showed the influence of the Ukrainian element on the Don Cossack community. In 1928, the work of M. Hrushevsky's disciple O. Germanyze was published in Kyiv, in which an attempt was made to cover the relationship between the Ukrainian and Don Cossacks in their integrity. A positive feature of the historiography of this period was the publication of a number of sources on the issue.

Author Biography

Kateryna Hiria, Kropivnitsky Institute of State and Municipal Management

PhD in Historical Sciences, Associate Professor


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