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The funding of issues is carried out at the expense of the publisher – the Public Organization "Ukrainian Cultural Center"

Among the activities of the UC Center:


  •  Facilitating the implementation of Ukrainian studies in the humanities and natural sciences;
  • Cooperation and coordination of activities with scientific institutions and scientific public organizations in Ukraine and other countries of the world, in particular through the establishment of consultative and coordinating bodies, periodicals, etc.;
  • publishing activities aimed at supporting and expanding Ukrainian scientific discourse through the issuance of periodical and serial thematic scientific editions, booklets and monographs, terminology dictionaries, and also manuals and pedagogues for schools and higher educational establishments;
  • organization of research activities for the purpose of studying public opinion;
  • promotion of cultural development, development of folk art, studying and dissemination of the historical heritage of the whole country, restoration of Ukrainian traditions and customs, and enhancement of the cultural potential of society.


The Center started its wide activities in summer 1994. It has translated into reality, by itself and in cooperation, over 1000 publication projects since. It has permanent ties with partner organizations of Ukrainian diaspora off east and west ofUkraine.

         Among particulars featuring as prominent one should mention these.

– The Centerpublishes “Схід” (“Skhid”), a journal of information and analysisit launched 18 years ago, that is registered as an academic edition by the Higher Certifying Commission of Ukraine.In its major sections covering economics, politics, sociology, ecology, elitology, history, education etc., the publication monitors basic developments in the east of Ukraine and the whole of the countryviewedin European and global contexts. The journal won diplomas of victory in the contest “Donbas Book Publishing” in 1998, 1999, 2001, 2005 and 2012, innominations “Journal of the region”, “Native land”, “Social and political periodical” and “For the best publication on the 10th anniversary of Ukraine’s Independence”. “Skhid” was also awarded a diploma for its active educational and scientific work inDonbas at the "Festival of Slavic books" in 2004.

–                   The Center has founded and developed “The Regional Laboratory of Textbooks and Teaching Aids”. By now this Laboratory has worked out and published over 20 scientific and methodic supplies forUkraine(esp. for Donbas and the Crimea) as well asfor Kuban inRussia. Among these are textbooks on literature, history, politology, philosophy and technologicalbranches.

–                   The Center has successfully carried out tasks set in a number of research, publishing and educational programs and projects, among these being “The Third Sector” (data on research organizations of Donetsk Region) “The Bridge” (cooperation with the eastern and western Ukrainian diaspora), “Ethnology”, “Summer American-Ukrainian School in Lehighton”, “Mining Encyclopedic Dictionary”, “Compact Mining Encyclopedia”, “Cultural Ties of Donets Region with the Ukrainians Living Abroad”.

Ukrainian Center For Cultural Studies


The journal has been supported, in different years, by:

Volodymyr Vasyliovych RYBAK, People’s Deputy of Ukraine

Vira and Bohdan BODNARUK, Heads of Shevchenko Society in Chicago, USA(1995)

Mychailo Petrovych DYACHKOV, General Director of the production amalgamation “Khlibprom” of the Donetsk Region (1996)

Valenyn Ivanovych LANDYK, Pesident of the Closed Shareholder Society “Nord Group”

Yuriy Borisovich GRYADYSHCHIY, General Director of the production amalgamation “Makyiv Vyhilia” (1995)

Oleh ROMANIV, Head of Shevchenko Scientific Society in Ukraine (2001)

Yaroslav BILINSKY, Professor of Delaware University, the USA (1997)

Vyacheslav Ivanovych SAPRYKIN, Director of the firm “Design”, Donetsk (1998)

Victor Ivanovich TRUBCHANIN, Director of the Open Shareholder Society “Yasynyvate Machine Building Plant”

Andriy Valeriyovych SERGEEV, General Director of the holding company “Harna” (2000)

Mychailo Mychailovych DERGAUSOV, Chief o Mariupol State Sea Port (2001)

Sergiy Mychailovich BLOSHCHANEVICH, Head of Council of the Closed Shareholder Society “Obolon” (2004)

Natalya PAZUNYAK and United Ukrainian American Assistance Committee, Philadelphia, the USA (2005)

Victor Andriyovych PANKOV, Head of Board and General Director of the Closed Shareholder Society “NKMZ” (2005)

Vasyl LISHCHYNETSKY, Greater Cleaveland, the USA(2006)

Askold LOZYNSKY and Board of Board of Directors of the World Congress of Ukrainians


Here is our bank account for those interested in developing the edition:

26008474813200 "UkrSibbank"

МФО 351005 code after ЄДРПОУ 21959095

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